Joy transmitters are a new approach in art. 

If a sculpture is to transmit joy, we will have to look at the supernatural because normally objects do not have that capacity. It is accepted that music or beauty or even a smile can produce joy but they do not last: music arrives at the end, beauty fades, and a smile passes away.

A sculpture however lasts in time; even after the death of the sculptor, it continues to speak by its form whatever the sculptor wanted to express.


How then can we make an object that radiates joy?

I can only say how I do it, but there might be other ways.

I worship God while I work and I fix, through prayer, the joy that I feel on the object I am making. I call what remains on the object residual glory. One can worship God in the dust and the noise. I sculpt the rough form with a pneumatic chisel, and I would say that the more repetitive the task is, the easier it is to worship (sanding is excellent). The less you have to think about what your hands are doing, the easier it is for your spirit to rise and soar with the spirit of God.


So we see that the most important thing is the way we work, or our frame of mind and not the form or the material we use or the colors we employ. The final object is more than what you can see.

Question is of course: Does it work or is it just a sham?

An honest answer would be: it works a bit, but not as much as I would like. I don’t feel anything myself except while I am working. Some people do receive joy in its presence but I want it to be anyone anywhere.


I like the idea and somehow it seems “ inspired” which means it is better than my normal ideas and it makes me dream. Because if we can make joy transmitters that work anywhere, we should also be able to make peace transmitters. Imagine what could happen if we build a peace transmitter that works in let’s say Bagdad or Jerusalem.


This whole idea rests evidently on the assumption that there is someone (God) who sends out waves of joy, peace and love. The sculptures only capture like radios the waves that the station emits and to remain with this metaphor, I could probably improve the reception by becoming a better worshipper.

It is this notion of improving or growing that got me started to make musical instruments again by the way. Nobody needs a joy transmitter that only works partly or the next crazy idea (especially in art). I make my instruments the same way as the joy transmitters, though I don’t sell them as such. They still remain very good instruments with a form and a sound of their own and they give me time to develop my sculptures to a higher level.

Barutel stone, partly painted



plane wood, partly painted


price: 1000€